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Ask Bob.... Installing the Complete Under the Floor Brake Pedal Assembly

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Here is a first hand look at how we install our complete under the floor brake pedal assembly! This kit comes with your pedal bracket and pedal pad, power booster, master cylinder and proportioning block kit. If you have any questions for us please let us know!

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Ask Bob.... My transmission does not line up with my Code 504 transmission top hat. What do I do?

Q: My transmission does not match up with my transmission top hat. What do you recommend doing to fix this?A: The stock transmission cushion has two bolt holes that bolt directly to the transmission, and one bolt to go to the old stock S-10 transmission cross member. Our transmission top hats are designed with two holes [...]

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Ask Bob... Powder Coating!

Q: Why do you recommend powder coating the conversion kit pieces after I have put it all together on my frame?A: Mocking up the conversion kit brackets before powder coating will save you from a headache! Most of our conversion kits now come with part numbers engraved on the pieces. Powder coating the brackets before receiving [...]

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Ask Bob... What shocks do you recommend if I am not lowering my truck more than 4" and how do you mount them?

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Ask Bob... Installing the Universal Cross Members

CLICK THE LINK BELOW to view the installation of the universal crossmembers!

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Ask Bob... Trimming the Inner Fenders

Are you needing to trim your inner fenders on your 47-54 Chevy pick up or suburban build but not quite sure where to start? Click on the link below for pointers and to see how we do it here at the shop! If you have any questions please give us a call!

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Ask Bob.... What LS engine oil pan do I need to use?

We recommend swapping out the deep oil pan of your LS engine for a low profile oil pan. For more details click on the link below!

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Ask Bob... Looking for a 4x4 rear end

Q. I’m looking for a four-wheel drive rear end. How do I measure the rear end to make sure that I do have a fourwheel drive rear end? A. When doing our conversion kit, we recommend switching out the two-wheel drive rear end for a four-wheel drive rear end which is 5" wider. It is important to make [...]

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Ask Bob.... Leaf Spring Measurements

Q. My rear wheels are too far back in the fender wells. What do I need to do?A. If you had removed/replaced your leaf springs while doing your build, there is a chance that when put back in, they were installed backwards, causing the rear end to sit too far back in the [...]

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Ask Bob... Installing the 5.3 LS Engine

Q. When installing a 5.3 LS engine on to the S-10 Frame with the Code 504 Motor Mounts, the A/C Compressor Mounts will not bolt up on passenger side. How can I correct this?A. When doing an S-10 Conversion and you are installing a 5.3 LS with our mounts there is some additional parts [...]

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