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Ask Bob ... More Common Questions

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This week's Bob Says is meant to cover our most Frequently Asked Questions. As people beigin their winter projects, we noticed that our FAQ page needs to be updated.

Q. Do I have to move the wood in the bed of my truck or change the floor?

A. Our 1941-1955.1 Chevrolet Pickup Truck, 1948-1952 Ford Pickup Truck, and 1948-1956 Dodge Pickup Truck kits are designed so that the bed wood, firewall, and floor pans do not need to be altered. In recent years, we have developed 2 kits however that require the bed wood to be raised. The 155.2-1959 Chevrolet Pickup Truck and 1953-1956 Ford Pickup Truck kits both require the bed wood to be raised. Those kits come with bed wood risers.

Q. Why do I have to change my 2WD rear end to a 4WD rear end?

A. The 4WD rear end is 59 1/2" wide, 5" wider than the 2WD rear end. This allows the wheels and tires to sit in center of the fender and you do not need to cut your box in order to make room for the tire if a 2WD is used.

The Ford 9 inch and Ford 8.8 are both wide enough to use for an S10 conversion with some slight modicifcations. The ZR2 rear end has widely been considered too wide to use, but some customers have reported success with using it.

Q. What about the front? Won't it bee to narrow as well?

A. A typical build will be just fine using 1 12/ inch wheel spacers up front. Companies like Fatman Fabrications make custom extended control arms for the S10 if you would like to avoid using spacers.

In the case of the 1953-1956 Ford Pickup Truck and 1955.2-1959 Chevrolet Pickup Truck, it is recommended to use 3 inch custom extended control arms from Fatman Fabrications.

Q. Rims and Tires?

A. You can use up to a 20" diameter rim at 8"inches wide without needing customs offsets.

Q. What year of S-10 frame do I need and which one?

A. The S-10 Chevy or S-15 GMC 2WD frames work from 1982-2004. There were three wheel base models of the S-10/S-15:

Standard cab short bed...............108.3

Standard cab long bed................118.0

Extended cab short bed...............122.9 (most people will call this one the 123.0)

The following kits take the following S-10/S-15 Frames:

41-46 Chevy Short Box takes a 118" (Standard Cab Long Bed)

47-54 Chevy Short Box takes a 118" (Standard Cab Long Bed)

55-59 Chevy Short Box is 115" wheel base (You will need to either shorten or lengthen a frame)

42-48 Chevrolet Passenger Car is 116" wheel base. (You will use a 118" Standard Cab Long Bed frame. Our kit relocates the axle.)

48-52 Ford Short Box is 114" wheel base (You will need to either shorten or lengthen a frame)

41-48 Ford Passenger Car is 114" wheel base (You will need to either shorten or lengthen a frame)

48-56 Dodge Short Box is 108" (Standard cab short bed)

53-56 Ford Short BOX requires a 108" (Standard Cab Short Bed). You will flip the leaf springs front to back to make it a 110". This is due to the 2" offset.

Ask Bob... Change Out that 2WD Rear End

Q. Why do you recommend changing out the 2WD rear end for a 4WD rear end when using a Code 504 Kit?A. The four-wheel drive rear end is 5" wider than a two-wheel drive rear end. The four-wheel drive rear end measures 59 1/2" hub to hub, where a two-wheel drive measures 54 1/2". For most applications, by using the [...]

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Ask Bob... Extending/Reducing an S10 Frame

Here is a quick guide on Extending/Reducing your S10 Frame for the Code 504 Conversion Kit. BE SURE TO WEAR GLOVES AND EYE PROTECTION FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY!Tips:**Before doing any welding make sure to grind all surfaces that are going to get welded clean to bare metal. ** When welding, weld in small sections. Do Not weld everything all [...]

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Ask Bob... Cutting the front frame horns!

Q: I need to cut my frame horns off for my 47-55.1 Chevy Short bed, Long Bed, or Suburban/Panel truck S-10 conversion kit. How do I cut these so my brackets will fit properly?  A: When we cut the front frame horns for the 47-55.1 Chevy Short bed, Long Bed, or Suburban Panel truck S-10 conversion kits, we cut [...]

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Ask Bob... Access holes in later model S-10 Frames (1994-2004)

Ask Bob…Q: I’m having trouble getting a nut on the backside of my bolt for a bracket, I have a later model 94-04 frame, so my frame is boxed in. How can I get my nut on? A: The later mode 1994-2004 S-10 frames have a boxed in channel up to about where the frame starts to curve [...]

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Ask Bob... Does the pedal assembly reuse the stock brake pedal hole in the firewall?

Will your under the floor brake pedal assembly reuse the stock brake pedal hole in my truck?The brake pedal in the under the floor pedal assembly will not reuse the stock brake pedal hole in your firewall. We have designed it so that the pedal sits closer and lower to the gas pedal, so you [...]

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Ask Bob... Brake Booster FAQ's

I'm having issues with my brakes. Is it a booster issue?Brake boosters are a very important part in a power brake system. Here are a few FAQ's to learn more about brake boosters!

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Featured Customer of the week! Ron T.!

We have an awesome customer build of the week for you all! Today we are featuring Ron T.'s 1946 Chevy shortbed pickup on the Code 504 41-46 Chevy Short bed S-10 Conversion Kit!Ron has installed an LS2 motor with a Fitech Fuel Injection Ultimate LS Tall EFI Induction System, backed by a 4L60E automatic transmission.His [...]

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