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Ask Bob.... Residual Valves!

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Q: What is this blue thing and red thing in my brake line kit and what are they for?

A: The small blue things that look long and cylindrical are called a 2 PSI residual valve and the red one is called a 10 PSI residual valve. The 2 PSI valves are specifically for disc brakes meaning they hold approximately 2lbs of pressure, while the 10 PSI valves are specifically for drum brakes, meaning they hold 10lbs of pressure. The main function of these valves is to keep that pressure held to the calipers or drums, instead of the brake fluid running back towards the master cylinder. Our set up has the master cylinder sitting a little lower than the calipers, meaning that with out a residual valve, there is a chance that the brake fluid would siphon back to the master cylinder. These residual valves are a part of our brake line kit (part# 50400148) that is designed to be used in conjunction with the under the floor pedal assembly (part# 50400103). For the residual valves to work properly, they must be installed properly. Check out the following diagram. You want to make sure the line from the master cylinder is connected to the side of the residual valve that has the PSI marking on it. 


Proper Installation of a Steering shaft

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Removal of Frame mounted shackle bushings

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Ask Bob...Installing the 41-46 Chevy Short bed Kit <--- VIDEO LINK

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Ask Bob... Measuring an S-10 Wheelbase

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Ask Bob...Redoing Control Arms vs. Buying New Control Arms

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Ask Bob....Prepping your S-10 Frame Video!

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Ask Bob.... Installing the Complete Under the Floor Brake Pedal Assembly

Here is a first hand look at how we install our complete under the floor brake pedal assembly! This kit comes with your pedal bracket and pedal pad, power booster, master cylinder and proportioning block kit. If you have any questions for us please let us know!Youtube Link -->

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Ask Bob.... My transmission does not line up with my Code 504 transmission top hat. What do I do?

Q: My transmission does not match up with my transmission top hat. What do you recommend doing to fix this?A: The stock transmission cushion has two bolt holes that bolt directly to the transmission, and one bolt to go to the old stock S-10 transmission cross member. Our transmission top hats are designed with two holes [...]

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Ask Bob... Powder Coating!

Q: Why do you recommend powder coating the conversion kit pieces after I have put it all together on my frame?A: Mocking up the conversion kit brackets before powder coating will save you from a headache! Most of our conversion kits now come with part numbers engraved on the pieces. Powder coating the brackets before receiving [...]

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