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Ask Bob... Cutting the front frame horns!

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Q: I need to cut my frame horns off for my 47-55.1 Chevy Short bed, Long Bed, or Suburban/Panel truck S-10 conversion kit. How do I cut these so my brackets will fit properly?

  A: When we cut the front frame horns for the 47-55.1 Chevy Short bed, Long Bed, or Suburban Panel truck S-10 conversion kits, we cut them in a “step” pattern. This means that we actually follow the contours of the driver and passenger side front frame horn brackets (part #’s 50410079C and 50410078C). Starting on the sides, we make a mark following the curve. On the top of the frame, we draw a straight line across, then for the front, we make a straight mark down that is flush with the tab that points away from the frame. It is easiest to start with the driver’s side as you can mock up the bracket with your power steering gear box bolts.

If you have any questions please give us a call!

Ask Bob... Access holes in later model S-10 Frames (1994-2004)

Ask Bob…Q: I’m having trouble getting a nut on the backside of my bolt for a bracket, I have a later model 94-04 frame, so my frame is boxed in. How can I get my nut on? A: The later mode 1994-2004 S-10 frames have a boxed in channel up to about where the frame starts to curve [...]

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Featured Customer of the week! Ron T.!

We have an awesome customer build of the week for you all! Today we are featuring Ron T.'s 1946 Chevy shortbed pickup on the Code 504 41-46 Chevy Short bed S-10 Conversion Kit!Ron has installed an LS2 motor with a Fitech Fuel Injection Ultimate LS Tall EFI Induction System, backed by a 4L60E automatic transmission.His [...]

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Ask Bob...m Engine Mount Installation Tip

 Here is a quick video on how the techs here at Code 504 install the engine cushions on an early model S10 frame!

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Ask Bob about Small Block Chevy Engine Mounts

Why do you offer two kinds of Small Block Chevy Engine Mounts?We have two types of sbc engine mounts, based on fuel pump applications. One set is specifically for mechanical fuel pump applications and the other is specifically for electric fuel pump applications. Read more for details!!

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Ask Bob... Does the pedal assembly reuse the stock brake pedal hole in the firewall?

Will your under the floor brake pedal assembly reuse the stock brake pedal hole in my truck?The brake pedal in the under the floor pedal assembly will not reuse the stock brake pedal hole in your firewall. We have designed it so that the pedal sits closer and lower to the gas pedal, so you [...]

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Ask Bob about Sending units and OHM readings!

Can I use any fuel sending unit for my gas tank and gauges?It's not as simple as installing a fuel sending unit into the gas tank and calling it good. Fuel sending units communicate with your gauge cluster, and it is important that the OHM readings between your gauges and fuel sending unit match.

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Ask Bob... Brake Fluid!

What brake fluid do your techs run in the brake pedal assembly?We've been getting a couple of questions recently on what brake fluid our techs have used here at the shop. Click Read More! for additional info on Brake Fluid!

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