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Ask Bob Tech Segments

Ask Bob.. Adjustable Proportioning Block

Having the proper ratio of front/rear brake pressure is important so your braking system will properly function. Here are some quick tips on adjusting the pressure between your front and rear brakes using an adjustable proportioning block!

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Ask Bob... Brake Booster FAQ's

I'm having issues with my brakes. Is it a booster issue?Brake boosters are a very important part in a power brake system. Here are a few FAQ's to learn more about brake boosters!

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Ask Bob... What year of 2wd S-10 pick up frame is best to use for your conversion kits?

This is a common question, what year of 2wd S-10 pick up is best to use with your conversion kit?Here is a couple quick tips to see what year range you have, square body style or round body style!

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Ask Bob SBC power steering pump

If you are having trouble or are not quite sure where to start when it comes to power steering, click the link below to see what we recommend!

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Ask Bob.... Residual Valves!

 Q: What is this blue thing and red thing in my brake line kit and what are they for?A: The small blue things that look long and cylindrical are called a 2 PSI residual valve and the red one is called a 10 PSI residual valve. The 2 PSI valves are specifically for disc brakes meaning they hold approximately [...]

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Proper Installation of a Steering shaft

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