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Ask Bob... Access holes in later model S-10 Frames (1994-2004)

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Ask Bob…

Q: I’m having trouble getting a nut on the backside of my bolt for a bracket, I have a later model 94-04 frame, so my frame is boxed in. How can I get my nut on?

A: The later mode 1994-2004 S-10 frames have a boxed in channel up to about where the frame starts to curve over the rear axle. This can make getting a nut on the back of a bolt sometimes difficult. Bob recommends making an access hole in the inside part of the frame rail, using a hole saw or plasma cutter, so you can get a socket and the nut on the back of your bolt. They can be any size you want from small to large! Check out the photo below. You can see in the red box the boxed in frame channel, and in the center, the access holes.