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Ask Bob... Change Out that 2WD Rear End

Posted by Natasha Lauth on

Q. Why do you recommend changing out the 2WD rear end for a 4WD rear end when using a Code 504 Kit?

A. The four-wheel drive rear end is 5" wider than a two-wheel drive rear end. The four-wheel drive rear end measures 59 1/2" hub to hub, where a two-wheel drive measures 54 1/2". For most applications, by using the four-wheel drive rear end, this will center the rear tire under the fender (looking from the back of your pickup). Using the two-wheel drive rear end is not wide enough to set the box down on the brackets and would require cutting out the side of the box for clearance.

If you are building an AD truck, we recommend a 60” hub to hub 9” Ford, which is the same width as the OE rear end track width. We offer a 9” Ford with Axle Pads welded on to use with leaf springs.

Code 504 also offers a Triangulate Four-Link set up through our website designed to work with the Ford 9".

If you have any questions, our trained staff is available to help 8AM – 5PM Monday through Friday.