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Ask Bob... Cutting the front frame horns!

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Q: I need to cut my frame horns off for my 47-55.1 Chevy Short bed, Long Bed, or Suburban/Panel truck S-10 conversion kit. How do I cut these so my brackets will fit properly?

  A: When we cut the front frame horns for the 47-55.1 Chevy Short bed, Long Bed, or Suburban Panel truck S-10 conversion kits, we cut them in a “step” pattern. This means that we actually follow the contours of the driver and passenger side front frame horn brackets (part #’s 50410079C and 50410078C). Starting on the sides, we make a mark following the curve. On the top of the frame, we draw a straight line across, then for the front, we make a straight mark down that is flush with the tab that points away from the frame. It is easiest to start with the driver’s side as you can mock up the bracket with your power steering gear box bolts.

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